Stylianos “Stelios” Syropoulos

Stylianos "Stelios" Syropoulos

Stylianos (Stelios) Syropoulos conducts research on how perceptions of past and future generations influence intergenerational, environmental and moral decision-making. Specifically, he is interested in what motivates individuals to engage in prosociality, even when that action comes at a personal cost. Other research interests include national identification (what gives rise to it and what its consequences are), personal safety (how does feeling (un)safe influence our lives), and how high-quality close relationships influence our physical and mental health. Stelios has considerable expertise in quantitative methodologies, having worked as a methodology consultant for two years. He is skilled in and frequently employs multilevel/hierarchical linear modelling, longitudinal, dyadic (APIM) designs, and structural equation modelling. Stelios received his BA in psychology from Franklin and Marshall College in 2018 and will receive his PhD in Social Psychology with a concentration in the Psychology of Peace and Violence from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Fall 2022. At Boston College, he is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Morality Lab and the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science.