May 2016

Thesis student Jin Choi presented his work, done in collaboration with Lily, at BC’s Undergraduate Research Day. Congrats Jin!

April 2016

The lab enjoyed a great trip to SANS in New York City. Among the highlights: three lab members/affiliates (Laura, Jordan, and Emily) presented posters, and Liane gave a talk. Also, James, Liane, and Adam Waytz’s work on fairness-loyalty tradeoffs in whistleblowing was featured in a keynote address by Malcolm Gladwell.

Additionally, Laura’s poster won a SANS poster award. Congratulations, Laura!

March 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Brendan has just accepted an assistant professorship at SUNY Albany! Congratulations, Brendan!

October 2015

Six lab members skip out on work to climb Mt. Monadnock.

group_forest alek_mountain jordan_mountain emily_mountain group_mountain

August 2015

We bid a fond farewell to Amelia with a homemade card and a special gift: an MBTA sign from Amelia’s most favorite bus line.

IMG_7518 IMG_7526


The lab welcomes Emily as new lab manager (though Amelia will be with us a bit longer!). As a farewell gift, Laura is presented with her own brain – 3D-printed by Liane and Lily right here on BC’s campus. She discovers that her right hemisphere is significantly larger than her left.

8.3_1 8.3_2 8.3_3

May/June 2015

Congrats to Josh, Laura, and Alek for obtaining their PhDs! Farewell to Josh! Franklin and Marshall is lucky to have you. (And lucky for us, Laura is staying in Boston as an NSF postdoc with Steve Pinker, and Alek is staying with us as a postdoc until he moves to Oxford to do Templeton-funded work with Molly Crockett.)

alek card map shirtsfront shirtsback

April 2015

The lab goes curling with the Kensinger and Cordes labs!
IMG_5824 IMG_5835 IMG_5840 IMG_5842 IMG_5844 IMG_5846 IMG_5848 IMG_5851 IMG_5854 IMG_5855 IMG_5857 IMG_5864 IMG_5865 IMG_5868 IMG_5869 IMG_5872

March 2015

Celebrating Liane’s tenure with sushi from Genki-Ya…
1503GenkiYa1 1503GenkiYa2

Congratulations to Jordan for winning a SANS poster award!

Congratulations to Larisa for accepting a tenure-track position at Columbia!
Balloons Larisa

January 2015

Congratulations to Josh for accepting a tenure-track position at Franklin & Marshall!

We are excited to have Alek join the lab as a post-doc in the spring!

The lab goes to lunch at Korean Garden.
KoreanBBQ_1 KoreanBBQ_2 KoreanBBQ_3 KoreanBBQ_4 KoreanBBQ_5 KoreanBBQ_6

September 2014

Congratulations to James, Jordan, Laura and Josh, who all received graduate student travel awards from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology this year!

August 2014

Congratulations to Brendan for being awarded a two-year Templeton Science of Prospection Award!

Jordan and Liane discuss their research on WBUR’s CommonHealth program, in a series called ‘Beyond Good and Evil: New Science Casts Light on Morality in the Brain’

June 2014

Congratulations to Larisa for being awarded a two-year National Science Foundation (Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences) Post-Doctoral Fellowship!

April 2014

Congratulations to Larisa Heiphetz for winning the APA Division 7 Dissertation Award in Developmental Psychology!

March 2014

The lab welcomes Adelyn Ai-Lun Gao!

November 2013

John Lutz visits the lab for science and dinner.
Lutz Visit 004_croppedsquare Lutz Visit 005_croppedsquare 009_croppedsquare 010_croppedsquare Lutz Visit 011_croppedsquare

October 2013

Congratulations to Lily Tsoi for receiving a Graduate Student Travel Award and to Liane, with Kurt Gray and Adam Waytz, for receiving the Theoretical Innovation Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)!

September 2013

The lab goes to brunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury street.


May 2013

Mike, Gabby, and Elizabeth present their theses at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC).

IMG_0638 IMG_0635 IMG_0632

The lab celebrates recent achievements at Josh’s house. Many thanks to Josh and Lysa for the excellent dinner!


April 2013

Jordan and Lily present their posters at SAN and CNS and go sightseeing in San Francisco with folks in Elizabeth Kensinger’s lab.

2013_SAN_jordan 2013_SAN_lily 2013_CNS_lily 2013_CNS_jordan 2013_SAN_graffiti 2013_SAN_bridge

March 2013

Congratulations to Laura for receiving a research grant from the National Endowment for the Arts!

Congratulations to James and Lily for receiving NSF Graduate Research Fellowships!

January 2013

The lab goes to SPSP in New Orleans. James gives a talk, and Josh, Alek, and Laura present their posters. Larisa, our soon-to-be postdoc, joins us for dinner.

November 2012

The lab goes trampolining and celebrates Alek’s and Josh’s birthdays with some tacky disco lights and birthday singing.

October 2012

James and Jordan talk to undergraduates about research opportunities in the lab.

August 2012

The lab conducts a blind taste test to empirically answer the question of which restaurant (Genki Ya or Fin’s) has better sushi.

July 2012

Jordan experiences his first 4th of July.

June 2012

The whole lab goes to SPP and explores Boulder with the Greene lab. Three words: cream soda trees.

May 2012

The lab bids farewell to our graduating seniors Abby Stemper and Danny Baush.

James and Josh present their work at APS and explored Chicago.

Danny and Abby present their work at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC).

Congratulations to Abby for receiving the Peter Gray Award for creative achievement in psychology! Each year, the award is given to a sophomore, junior, or senior Psychology major who has manifested unusual intellectual curiosity, independence, and creativity in his or her studies.

May birthday celebrations galore (yummy cakes and attempted jello brains)!

April 2012

Congratulations to Jordan for receiving a Postgraduate Scholarship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)!

Lily has agreed to stay in the lab as a graduate student starting 2013 (after finishing up her two-year position as lab manager)!

Both news were celebrated at The Abbey over good food:

February 2012

Congratulations to Liane for being selected as a 2012 Sloan Research Fellow! For more info, click here.

January 2012

The lab begins the new year by going to San Diego for SPSP.

December 2011

The lab bids farewell to Martina, who will be returning to the University of Granada in Spain.

The lab went over to The Publick House to drink merrily and eat hamburgers and mac and cheeses (except for Josh who wanted to be individualistic).

Lily receives her green badge (first in the lab)!

Congratulations to Liane for being selected as a Dana Neuroscience Scholar by the Dana Foundation!

October 2011

Our first hangout as a group! We had a friendly bowling competition against the Cordes and MacEvoy labs at Sacco’s Bowl Haven (Davis Sq). We have the scoresheet somewhere still (not that it’s something to be proud of).  Note: this place has great pizza!

September 2011

Congratulations to Liane for receiving the 2011 Early Career Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Social Neuroscience from the Society for Social Neuroscience! For more info, click here.