If you would like to become involved in our research, please refer to the following sections below:
For participants
For undergraduate RA positions
For graduate student positions


If you would like to participate in any of our other studies, please email the lab so that you can be added to our participant pool mailing list. Note: we currently only recruit participants from the Boston area.

Undergraduate Student

We are no longer accepting RA applications for Fall 2021. If you are interested in working with us in Spring 2022, please check back here for updates in late December 2021!

How to apply
We encourage students who are interested in joining our lab to familiarize themselves with our research (see Publications). If you are interested in becoming an undergraduate research assistant in our lab, please email Aditi Kodipady with your CV and the following information:

  • your name
  • your year
  • your major
  • your GPA (overall and major)
  • psychology/biology classes that you’ve taken and/or are currently taking
  • why you’re interested in joining our lab
  • whether you have prior research experience
  • what software programs (e.g., Excel, SPSS, R, MATLAB, etc.) you are familiar with
  • whether you have computer programming experience
  • and any other information you would like us to know

Note to those interested in writing a senior thesis: our lab policy requires students interested in writing a senior thesis to work in our lab as a research assistant for at least 2 semesters prior to their senior year.

Graduate Student

The lab is accepting applications for graduate students!

Please contact Liane Young or Aditi Kodipady for more information about becoming a graduate student.