Jordan Wylie

jordan wylie

Jordan Wylie, Ph.D.

Jordan is broadly interested in how morality shapes how we see, reason, and make judgments about our worlds. Specifically, she investigates how moral rules and norms influence judgments about rule breakers and the kinds of moral minds we are drawn to and interested in exploring. She uses a blend of survey, behavioral, and economic game methods and draws on theory from a diverse range of perspectives, including social psychology, affective science, and philosophy to examine how morality influences broader cognitive processes.

She is also affiliated with the Center for the Science of Moral Understanding and was a Research Fellow at the think tank More in Common where her work focused on the intersection of morality and politics. She received her BA from Emory University, double-majoring in Psychology and Anthropology, and received her PhD in Psychology with a concentration in Quantitative Methods from The Graduate School, CUNY in Summer 2022.