Mookie Manalili

mookie manalili

Michael “Mookie” Manalili

Mookie is a psychotherapist, professor, and researcher – interested in suffering, meaning-making, narratives, and memory. Particularly, he is interested in how suffering (stress, trauma, loss) impacts us (e.g., neurobiological development, structure, and function). And additionally, what dimensions, protective factors, and interventions are associated with developing psychopathological behaviors vs virtuous/prosocial behaviors? He is a Licensed Certified Social Worker psychotherapist in private practice.

Additionally, he is a Part-Time Faculty for the School of Social Work at Boston College, teaching clinical courses like Narrative Therapy. Mookie serves as a Research Consultant at Boston College, for social neuroscience research at the Morality Lab and philosophical psychology initiatives through the Center for Psychological Humanities and Ethics. In all his various roles, Mookie hopes to participate in our duty to better our society: particularly for folks who suffer injustices; for the widow, orphan, and stranger; for a future and world beyond one’s self.