yiyuan zhang

Yiyuan Zhang

Yiyuan (pronunciation: E-U-AN) is interested in the neural and computational mechanisms underlying the dynamic interplay between trait updating and causal attribution in multi-agent settings. In the long run, he hopes to use relevant findings to help people make better social decisions and build morally constrained AI algorithms. He majored in Neuroscience and minored in Math at Baylor University. After graduating from Baylor in 2017, he earned an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2020. While at JHU, he also worked with Prof. Mick Bonner on scene perception and with Prof. Janice Chen on memory. Before joining the lab, he was a lab manager in Prof. Brad Duchaine’s lab at Dartmouth College, where he studied face perception and developmental prosopagnosia with behavioral, neuroimaging, and computational approaches.