In the spirit of open science, we are making our to-be-published manuscripts, OSF projects, code, and public data available here.

We ask that you respect reasonable limits on the use and propagation of our unpublished manuscripts and data. Please email our lab manager if you plan to use any of these materials (e.g., if you would like to publish an analysis of our open data or cite a working manuscript).

Working/Submitted Manuscripts

Tsoi, L., Lee, Y.S., & Young, L. Categorical perception of race is mediated by distributed patterns of activity in the brain.

Wasserman, E.A., Chakroff, A., Saxe, R., & Young, L. Illuminating the conceptual structure of the space of moral violations with representational similarity analysis.

Piazza, J., Landy, J., Chakroff, A., Young, L., & Wasserman, E.A. What disgust does and does not do for moral cognition. Forthcoming in The Moral Psychology of Disgust, eds. Strohminger & Kumar.

OSF Projects

Moral judgments for self and others


Representational similarity analysis

Open Data

Moral judgments across Harm and Purity domains (OpenfMRI)